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‘Equity Lens’ the new Podcast Series is Live!

December seems to be the month when creativity bursts at the seams in the Health Equity Mainstreaming Strategy (HEMS) group. Last year we launched our HEMS illustration. This year, we have a new podcast series for you!

Want to know who “we” are? Listen into the first trailer “Meet the hosts

Want to know where the series title ‘Equity Lens’ comes from? Second trailer episode has all the answers for you “Why ‘Equity lens’?”

But why is health equity research important altogether? What is the ARC NWC trying to achieve? We asked the

Director of ARC NWC to answer those questions for you in “The ARC NWC equity vision

Often it is in between meetings, over coffee in the office kitchen, or during a conference dinner that some of the most helpful and interesting conversations take place. Those are the times when we seem to open up to each other about the challenges we face, the wider issues our work processes raise, and where insightful advice, good and less good practice is shared. What does it mean in practice to apply an equity lens in research? What are the challenges when conducting health inequalities research? How do we truly measure impact of equity mainstreaming? It’s this sort of conversations that we hope the ‘Equity Lens’ podcast series will be an outlet for conducive to change. An accessible way to share concerns and challenge practices. We may not always have the answers, but we’ll never shy away from asking the questions! Let us know what questions you want us to ask, who you want us to speak to by reaching out to us via email ( or sharing your thoughts with others as well by using #ImplementEquity.

Along those lines, in the first full episode of the podcast we ask Selina Wallis (PPIE lead), Claire Selby (COREN lead), Paula Wheeler (EPHC theme lead), and Rod Leiper (Public Adviser) to apply an equity lens to current Patient and Public Involvement practices. We know patients and the public have invaluable insights that can help apply an equity lens to individual research projects, but what about “Equity WITHIN Patient and Public Involvement”? Tune in for the full episode and look for #ImplementEquity for some bonus clips.

The ‘Equity Lens’ podcast series is available on multiple platforms, including:

Google Podcasts

Every 13th of the month a new episode will be released. Except this month… We are so excited (and equally terrified) the podcast is live that we’ll be releasing two full episodes all before Christmas!

The ‘Equity Lens’ producers,
Katalin, Rod, and Katerina


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