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Connecting cOmmunities and Researchers across the North west cost

The COmmunity Research and Engagement Network (COREN) is a collaborative of voluntary, community, faith, and social enterprise (VCFSE) organisations, public advisors, and researchers, across the North West Coast.

The COREN is a platform for members to share their knowledge and expertise and learn from each other to support the development, dissemination, and implementation of health and social care research. It is also a supportive space for new collaborations to be promoted and developed.

The CoREN’s objectives are to:
1) Know what matters to people in local communities, which health research could help improve;
2) Ensure communities are involved in developing, creating
and doing research which has the potential to impact local places;
3) Create and facilitate a space for discussion and
development of research;
4) Share knowledge and skills around health research and how better to understand it and get involved.

3 main workstreams:
1) Capacity building & knowledge mobilisation;
2) Research ready and active;
3) Community-ready researchers.

Capacity building and knowledge mobilisation:
1) CoREN leadership group;
2) Contact database;
3) Knowledge mobilisation events;
4) Alternative models for public engagement and involvement

Research ready and active:
1) Identify local pilot areas to test the Neighbourhood Resilience Framework;
2) Develop co-produced opportunities for public-led research;
3) Undertake a survey within the VCFSE sector.

Community-ready researchers:
1) University of Glasgow engagement course;
2) Identify gaps and co-design further skills development in this area;
3) Connect researchers and communities.

CoREN privacy notice.

How to get involved?

Please become a member of COREN to receive updates on what we’re up to, opportunities for collaboration, and invitations to participate in COREN events.

To learn more about CoREN, download the free flyer here or visit the official COREN webpage at

Should you wish to become a member, please fill out the online form.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email the COREN Stakeholder Research and Engagement Manager, Claire Selby, at:


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