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ARC NWC aims to improve outcomes for patients and the public through collaboration working by bringing together academics, health and social care providers, members of the public, universities and local authorities. Its vision is to improve the quality, delivery and efficiency of health and care services; reduce health inequalities and increase the sustainability of the health and care system both locally and nationally.

6th Oct
RT @ARC_S_L: Could you become an implementation partner with the #MHIN project 2 evaluating an intervention on talking therapies for childr…
6th Oct
RT @ARC_West: 🤔Have you ever thought about using @Wikipedia to disseminate research findings? Join our seminar to explore how to use #Wikip…
6th Oct
RT @NIHRARCs: Ben’s story🪝 Good things come to those who bait #PositiveAwards winner Ben Koba joins @arc_nwc as a public advisor, contribu…
5th Oct
RT @UnlockingBirth: Voluntary, #Community, Faith and Social Enterprise #ThirdSector organisations in the #NorthWest are you interested in R…
5th Oct
Poor integration of data sources, infrastructure and data scientists has impeded effective research and implementation in the North West Coast region. Learn how our Care and Health Informatics (CHI) Theme want to change this➡️📽️
5th Oct
RT @CFranklin97: Are you a parent/carer living in Liverpool and surrounding areas? Have you take your child to hospital with a fever? I am…
4th Oct
RT @NIHRARCs: Join these upcoming workshops organised by implementation leads across the @NIHRresearch Applied Research Collaborations (#NI…
4th Oct
RT @NIHRARCs: The latest newsletter from all NIHR ARCs 👁️ In this October edition: Maternal #mentalhealth, the ef…