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ARC NWC aims to improve outcomes for patients and the public through collaboration working by bringing together academics, health and social care providers, members of the public, universities and local authorities. Its vision is to improve the quality, delivery and efficiency of health and care services; reduce health inequalities and increase the sustainability of the health and care system both locally and nationally.

5th Aug
RT @ClarissaGiebel: 🚨 The annual #LiverpoolDementia Conference registration closes 28th August 🚨 Register now to hear about the latest dem…
5th Aug
Follow the link to read or take a listen to Dr @ClarissaGiebel's practical approach to policy making, creating a positive difference to the lives of those living with dementia and her experience at Westminster with the Royal Society. 🎧➡️
5th Aug
RT @CarrolEnitan: Impressive work from @arc_nwc. Supporting evidence for co-production initiatives in Blackpool with @hcattPH, @andr3wsp8…
5th Aug
RT @LivHPartners: We're committed to working with our HEI Partners to ensure new and established #researchers are signposted to the trainin…
5th Aug
Child poverty and children entering care in England, 2015–20: a longitudinal ecological study at the local area level
5th Aug
System resilience and neighbourhood action on social determinants of health inequalities: an English Case Study - J Popay, H Kaloudis, L Heaton, B Barr, E Halliday, V Holt, K Khan, A Porroche-Escudero, A Ring, G Sadler, G Simpson, F Ward, P Wheeler, 2022
5th Aug
RT @NWAmb_Research: Did you know that @NWAmbulance is an @arc_nwc partner? #TeamNWAS staff can attend the free RaCES (Rapid Conversion of…
5th Aug
Monitoring a Fragile Child Protection System: a Longitudinal Local Area Ecological Analysis of the Inequalities Impact of Children’s Services Inspections on Statutory Child Welfare Interventions in England