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Equitable Place Based Health and Care Overview

Equitable Place-Based Health and Care Theme (EPHC)

The EPHC Theme has a research focus to support place-based approaches to address health inequalities with a vision to ‘support local systems aiming to integrate health and care so that they are able to operate responsively to the needs of people, community and place’.

What is an EPHC place-based approach?

Focus on place. This could be a specific geography eg specific local authority area or town. Alternatively, it could be research within a setting eg prison or school;
Focus on improving the social determinants of health. Environment, education, housing 🠮 more than just individual lifestyle behaviours;
Focus on collaborations and valuing partnership working. Understanding local systems;
Focus on involvement and influence of local people and communities. Working to support improvements to population health.

Our research includes projects centred around air quality and social prescribing. We are also developing a project exploring the role and influence of the voluntary sector (VCFSE) in local integrated health and care systems.
The Equitable Place-Based Health and Care theme continues to build on the legacy of the CLAHRC North West Coast Neighbourhood Resilience Programme.

Networking capabilities across local systems


The COmmunity Research and Engagement Network (COREN): COREN is a platform for members to share their knowledge and expertise and learn from each other to support the development, dissemination, and implementation of health and social care research. It is also a supportive space for new collaborations to be promoted and developed.
Should you wish to become a member, please fill out the online form.
If you’d like to get in touch, please email Claire Selby|Stakeholder Research and Engagement Network Manager (NIHR ARC NWC) at:

ARCFEST December 2020 Equitable Place-based Health and Care theme: If you were not able to come to the event but would like to know more about the EPHC theme, our current research and the breakout room activities, please click on the links below;

Introduction to the EPHC theme
EPHC current work and new ideas

EPHC research priorities: Please click here for the latest updates on our social prescribing, air quality and voluntary and community sector research projects

Air quality scoping research bites; Read about community engagement in Local Authority plans and emerging findings from our scoping review which shows how communities have been engaged in air quality actions


Since the coronavirus pandemic has emerged in the UK, the EPHC team has been reviewing how it can mobilise its capacity to respond to the current situation, with a particular focus on considering community approaches, experiences and needs. The EPHC team continues to place a research emphasis on exploring community approaches to health and care challenges within placed based settings during this time.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the lives of many communities and individuals in the UK. There is limited understanding about how these impacts are affecting communities, and how best to capture this information particularly when traditional research methods may not be practical in the current environment.

The EPHC team has designed a short 8 weeks pilot project to explore individual responses to the pandemic with a cohort of ARC public advisers in a short pilot diary study: EPHC Diary Pilot Summary and additional information on the research protocol followed can be found here.

Read more about the findings from the COVID-19 diary project here


Clean Air Day: October 8th is Clean Air Day. Find out more about our work on community involvement in local air quality plans and actions

Dear Diary: Life under Lockdown recorded by people across the North-West

EPHC Publishes findings from COVID-19 diary project

Celebrities support NHS fundraising book featuring Lancaster researcher
Actor Simon Callow and author Stephen Fry are backing a poetry anthology for the NHS Covid-19 Emergency Fund which includes a poem by Dr Emma Halliday of Lancaster University. Read more here.

EPHC at ARCFEST September 2020

EPHC publishes findings from our group conversations with residents – February 2020 on Air Quality, Social Prescribing and Social Isolation.


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