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ARCFEST 2024 Embarks on a Journey from Liverpool Towards Health and Social Care Equity

The Liner Hotel in Liverpool, reminiscent of a majestic vessel, played host on 12th March 2024 to ARCFEST 2024, a pivotal gathering orchestrated by the ARC Northwest Coast (NWC) Collaboration.

Much like a bustling port, the event provided a dynamic platform for academics, healthcare practitioners, and community stakeholders to convene, engaging in lively discussions and workshops aimed at charting a course towards tangible solutions in healthcare and social care.

Professor Mark Gabbay set the stage as he welcomed attendees to this maritime-inspired setting, an ideal backdrop for deliberations centred on reducing health inequalities and navigating towards a horizon of equity in health and social care.

In the morning session, Professor Ben Barr led a thought-provoking discussion, focusing on the systemic approach needed to support children at risk across the North West and reduce health inequalities. Professor Barr emphasised, “Our overarching goal is to chart a course towards holistic strategies that not only address the immediate needs of children at risk but also tackle the root causes of health inequities. By fostering collaboration across sectors, we can create sustainable solutions that promote health equity for those in our communities who need it most.”

Following the lunch break, Public Adviser Irum Durrani guided participants through an interactive and informative session on public involvement and engagement. Reflecting on the importance of community input in reducing health disparities, Irum remarked, “Meaningful engagement with the public is paramount in our efforts to reduce health inequities. By actively involving communities in decision-making processes, we can ensure that interventions are culturally sensitive and responsive to the unique needs of diverse populations, ultimately leading to more equitable health outcomes.”

In the afternoon, ARC NWC Coast Director Professor Mark Gabbay facilitated a workshop on social care research capacity building. Professor Gabbay underscored the significance of equipping researchers with the skills and resources needed to generate impactful insights that can drive real change in social care and contribute to the reduction of health inequalities. He stated, “Empowering researchers to conduct high-quality research in social care is essential in our mission to reduce health inequities. By building research capacity and fostering collaboration, we can generate evidence-based solutions that address the underlying social determinants of health and promote equity in healthcare access and outcomes.”

As the day concluded, attendees departed from the Liner Hotel with newfound insights, renewed inspiration, and a shared commitment to action against health inequalities. The first ARCFEST of 2024 marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to address health inequities, highlighting the dedication of ARC NWC in effecting positive changes in healthcare and social care.

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