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Public Adviser Farheen Yameen attends the ‘Economics in Policy’ Event

My name is Farheen Yameen, I am an ARC NWC Public Adviser from Liverpool where I am also a housewife and the proud mother of 3 beautiful children.

Working as a public adviser I often to use my expertise to support government and public organisations in making intelligent choices that serve the public interest.

On October 10th 2023, I attended an event entitled ‘Economics in Policy’ which was held at The Studio in Manchester. I attended the Economics for Policy and Practice even for many reasons and I have highlighted them below:

• To understand the basic economic theories of public policy more thoroughly.

• To become knowledgeable about the most recent studies on how public policies affect the economy.

• To remain informed about the most recent advancements in the field of economics.

I enjoyed a number of aspects of the Economics for Policy and Practice event. The top-notch key note speakers and dynamic presentations were excellent and I gain a lot of insight in the sessions. The presenters, who were all authorities in their fields, offered smart and challenging talks on a variety of subjects.

I found the event to be very positive and engaging which resulted in very an enjoyable learning environment where I was able to network with like-minded people.

Attending the Policy and Practice event was a very worthwhile experience for me as I learned a great deal about economics and public policy.

The event has given me the opportunity to expand my policy knowledge and find solutions to problems which will enhance my role as an ARC NWC Public Adviser.


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