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BITES (Brokering Innovation Through Evidence)

Improving Mental / Public Health

Equity in accessing social prescribing: who is being referred and who isn’t?

Does a Mindfulness-Based Connection to Nature Intervention Reduce Stress and Improve Wellbeing?

Social Isolation and Loneliness – a review of the evidence

The Life Rooms: Does a non-clinical response to mental distress work? (An evaluation)

Examining the role of multiple clinical and non-clinical factors on decisions to admit patients to acute psychiatric units

Wigan Later Life and Memory Service (LLAMS): Improving Young Onset Dementia (YOD) Services

Perinatal Access to Resources and Support (PEARS)

Assessing the effectiveness of Selective Licensing in England – A review of the evidence

Implementation of the Relative’s’ Education and Coping Toolkit (REACT)

Lunatic Fringe: Gaining knowledge about mental health experiences and support needs through creative engagement with diverse communities and festival goers

Building a Secure Base at Spring House: Evaluation and Perspectives of a Co-constructed Community Based Service for Personality Disorder (PD)

A realist investigation of the impact of Healthy Start on the diets of low-income pregnant women in the UK

The CLAHRC NWC Household Health Survey

Evaluation of an integrated approach to meet the physical health needs of mental health service users – The Knowsley Live Well project

A Qualitative Evaluation of the Process for the Development of QOEST (Quality & Outcomes Enhanced Services Transformation)

Reducing Emergency Admissions for Cancer patients (Type Three), Phase 2 (REACT II)

Weight management interventions for adults with intellectual disabilities who are obese

Community Knowledge

An evaluation of the effectiveness of Knowsley Community Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Service

The Community Resources Electronic Map

The evaluation of the impact of a quality contract, developed to offer consistency of service provision to an agreed quality standard for those registered with a general practice in Liverpool

An evaluation of the effectiveness of Knowsley Community Cardiovascular Service (CVD)

Tracing Absentee Private Sector Landlords

Credit Unions: reducing vulnerability to debt

Evaluating the impact of Liverpool CCTs (Community Care Teams)

What are the social predictors of Accident & Emergency attendance in disadvantaged neighbourhoods? Results from a cross-sectional household health survey in the North West of England?

South Asian women’s attendance for breast and cervical cancer screening

Evaluating the impact of the Community Connectors project on Adult Social Care and residents in Sefton

NEST@Home (Neonatal Early Supported Transfer Home)

Exploring motivations and barriers to being physically active in relation to where people live in Wirral

Implementation of an on line healthy weight toolkit to support practitioners working with pre-school children

An exploration of the barriers and enablers of using electrically assisted bikes(e-bikes) in the development of a stroke rehabilitation intervention

Barriers and facilitators to deprescribing in primary care: a systematic review

The evaluation of the impact of a quality contract, developed to offer consistency of service provision to an agreed quality standard for those registered with a general practice in Liverpool

Implementation of GENIE: a Social Network Mapping and Social Prescribing Intervention in Lancaster and Morecambe

Provision of a Reflexology service for Women with Anxiety and Complex Pregnancies

Managing Complex Care / Delivering Personalised Health

Impact of Day Care Services on Older People with Multiple Long Term Conditions

Transitional Care for Young People with Long Term Conditions

Care After Presenting with Seizures (CAPS) – UPDATED

The Life Link Project

Conscientization for practice: The design and delivery of an immersive educational programme to sensitise maternity professionals to the potential for traumatic birth experiences amongst disadvantaged and vulnerable women

Emergency Geriatrics: Improving the care and experience of older people within the Emergency Department

Refining the Implementation of TeleTracking to improve Patient Pathways and Flow

Evaluation of a recently developed integrated consultant-led community based Diabetes service

Delivering high quality Primary Care at scale and improving access

Enhancing wellbeing and quality of life in Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

Evaluation of the Youth Information Counselling (YIAC) Model

Better care now (for older patients who receive inpatient rehabilitation)

Implementation of a Food and Drink Strategy in an NHS Hospital

Implementation of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) across mental and physical health services within NWBH as a method of measuring changes in Patient Health Behaviours

Accelerating Delivery of Psychological Therapy After Stroke

Supporting access to activities to enhance wellbeing and reduce social isolation in patients in MND


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