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In ARC NWC, this is what we mean when we say…

EquityOffering everyone different support based on individual needs
EqualityOffering everyone the same support regardless of need
MainstreamingMake equity a systematic consideration in everything we do
IntersectionalityIndicate the co-existence and combined impact of multiple determinants (e.g. economic, gender, or migrant status) that impact on health
Co-productionThe genuine equitable involvement of the public and experts by experience at all levels of research and implementation, not just brief or tokenistic engagement
Action researchA cyclical process of problem identification, action planning, implementation of research findings, and evaluation
Health DeterminantsPhysical, social, economic, or political individual or place-based characteristics that impact on health
Public AdvisersAn individual with lived experience – that may be specific to a health condition or not - wishing to share that in a way that contributes in all stages of research from design, to implementation and evaluation, especially in designing and improving health services made for them.
Health InequalitiesHealth inequalities are systematic, unjust, and avoidable differences in health across the population, and between different groups within society that are a result of the conditions in which we are born, grow, live, work and age i.e the health determinants.
Upstream approach to health equityProactive approach focusing on prevention by targeting the causes of the causes, which is the opposite to downstream approach offering services reactively to already ill people.
Evidence-baseA pool of knowledge and evidence from previous research and/or experience that should be the foundation of implementation

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