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Glossaries and guidance on producing Plain English summaries

The glossaries below can be helpful to those ARC NWC researchers, staff, students and advisers involved in writing plain English summaries of their research papers and to those reading research papers:

• NIHR guidance on producing plain English summaries:

• The NICE glossary provides brief definitions and explanations of terms used on the website. The terms describe how NICE works and how its guidance is produced:

• A glossary of specific terms commonly used within the NIHR and their precise meaning:

• The King’s Improvement (KIS) glossary is a collection of terms and definitions from the fields of quality improvement, improvement science and implementation science:

• The GET-IT glossary is plain language definitions of health research terms:

• The purpose of the UK Parliament glossary is to provide a list of agreed definitions that briefings in UK Parliament can refer to). Definitions used in this glossary have been reviewed by external experts:

• Clinical Trials Toolkit:


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