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Seldom Heard Forum

Seldom Heard Forum One – 22nd March 2021

Blog from Dr Shaima Hassan – reflecting on the first forum.

Seldom Heard Forum Two – Youth at Risk

Thank you to all who attended the second Seldom Heard Forum held in May 2021. 55 attendees heard young people present their own stories and the challenges they face which really put the issues being discussed in context. Some very interesting presentations and “real world” insights were presented including the community work of several of our Public Advisers and community groups.

Seldom Heard Forum: Dates and topics 2021-2022

19 July 2021: Neurodiversity

20 September 2021: Gypsy, Roma and Traveller

15 November 2021: Men’s health and wellbeing

17 January 2022: Refugee and asylum seekers

14 March 2022: LGBT

9 March 2022: Fathers

14 July 2022: Prisoners