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North West Secure Data Environment

The ARC NWC team are contributing to the UK’s Data Saves Lives strategy by supporting the creation of an NHS North West Secure Data Environment (SDE), with members of the theme providing expert advice. These Secure Data Environments will provide data storage and access with the highest standards of privacy and security for NHS health and social care data.

An SDE for the North West of England was funded last year, along with five other sub-national SDEs. This SDE is led by the NHS and brings together Integrated Care Boards with local universities and industry partners to build on existing collaborations and successful research partnerships.

The aim is to use these data for research and analysis to improve the health and wellbeing of the population. Our theme lead, Sarah Rodgers, is providing expert advice on system functions from a ‘big data research’ perspective.
Key to the success of the SDE is working with the public to ensure they trust the data is being used in an appropriate manner and that they are aware of the huge public benefits that can arise from better access to their personal data. Peter Lloyd, a Public Advisor Co-lead of the ACRC NWC Care and Health Informatics Theme, has made this case to the funders in the attached letter.

You can find out more about SDEs here:


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