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Dr Kathryn Berzins

Senior Research Fellow, IMPaCT

Kathryn is a Senior Research Fellow with the ARC NWC IMPaCT based at the University of Central Lancashire. She is a mixed-methods researcher with extensive experience in researching mental health and social care services and the experiences of service users, healthcare staff and informal carers. This has included research about patient safety in mental health hospital settings, professionals’ perceptions of safe staffing and access to services in a crisis for service users and their carers and families. She has previously worked at the Nuffield Centre for Community Care Studies and School of Public Health (University of Glasgow), the Personal Social Service Research Unit and Mental Health Research Group (University of Manchester) and Mental Health Research Group (University of Leeds). She has been a co-applicant on several NIHR funded studies, regularly teaches on mental health issues and research governance, supervises postgraduate students and ARC NWC research interns, and has served on research ethics committees. Her role involves delivering mental health research capacity and capability building activities across the ARC NWC including managing the Mental Health Roundtable. She is currently working on research projects focused on the impact of peoples’ social circumstances on mental health and how health and social care services respond to this. Kathryn aims to promote the use of research evidence to improve health and social care practice, particularly in relation to mental health care.


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