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Theme PhD Students

More information on PCCC-hosted PhD projects will appear here as it becomes available.

Andy Davies
Name of project: Embedding clinical exercise physiologists into Complications from Excess Weight (CEW) services for children and young people with severe obesity
Supervisors: Dr Matthew Cocks, Prof Helen Jones, Dr Florence Kinnafick, Dr Senthil Senniappan
Host Organisation: Liverpool John Moores University

Anna Hunt
Name of project: Suicide crisis and self harm attendance at A&E in autistic young people: a mixed method study
Supervisors: Dr Pooja Saini, Dr Emma Ashworth, Dr David Moore
Host Organisation: Liverpool John Moores University

Sam Meredith
Name of project: Multimorbidity clustering to inform more equitable health and social care
Supervisors: Dr Jennifer Downing, Prof. Sarah Rodgers, Prof. Tony Marson, Dr Keith Bodger
Host Organisation: University of Liverpool

Sean Rourke
Name of project: Co-Creation and evaluation of exercise rehabilitation for patients with Atrial Fibrillation: The Co-Create AF project
Supervisors: Dr Benjamin Buckley, Prof Gregory Lip, Prof Dick Thijssen, Dr Paula Watson
Host Organisation: University of Liverpool

Donna Shrestha
Name of project: Can prehabilitation be repurposed across the NHS to provide more effective care for cardiometabolic disease
Supervisors: Dr Chris Gaffney, Mr Draen Subar, Dr Theo Bampouras, Dr Cliff Shelton
Host Organisation: Lancaster University

Lizzie Wrench
Project: Is it feasible to repurpose prehabilitation across the NHS, with a specific focus on reducing inequalities in pancreatic cancer patients, and what might a successful prehabilitation intervention look like?
Supervisors: Dr Christopher Gaffney, Dr Theodoros Bampouras, Mr Daren Subar & Dr Robert Lauder
Host Organisation: Lancaster University


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