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Online Drop-in Sessions Open for ARCNWC Fellowship and Internship Applicants

The ARC NWC IMPlementation and Capacity building Team (IMPaCT) has announced a series of online drop-in sessions which will provide valuable support to potential fellowship and internship applicants.

Aspiring applicants are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights directly from the ARC NWC team. Those already enrolled in ARCNWC programs with supervisors can contact them directly.

“These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for individuals interested in our fellowships and internships to connect directly with our team, get insights into the application process, and have their questions addressed,” says IMPaCT Theme Manager Kathryn Berzins, highlighting the collaborative nature of the initiative.

Each session will cover general information about ARC NWC internships and fellowships, with a focus on addressing queries from potential applicants. Hosts Kathryn Berzins and Scott Lamont will ensure that the session accommodates the number of participants, allowing everyone an opportunity to ask questions.

For information on application opportunities and deadlines, please visit the internships page.
No booking is required for the drop-in sessions, and interested individuals can email to receive the team’s link and join the online session.

Interns and fellowships information sessions:

Wednesday 24th July 14:00-15:00
Thursday 8th August 10:00-11:00
Friday 23rd August 11:00-12:00
Monday 2nd September 14:00-15:00
Tuesday 17th September 10:00-11:00
Wednesday 2nd October 13:00-14:00
Thursday 17th October 10:00-11:00
Friday 1st November 14:00-15:00
Monday 11th November 10:00-11:00
Tuesday 26th November 13:00-14:00
Wednesday 11th December 10:00-11:00
Thursday 9th January 10:00-11:00
Friday 24th January 13:00-14:00
Monday 3rd February 11:00-12:00
Tuesday 18th February 13:00-14:00
Wednesday 5th March 10:00-11:00
Thursday 20th March 11:00-12:00
Friday 4th April 14:00-15:00
Monday 14th April 10:00-11:00
Tuesday 29th April 11:00-12:00
Wednesday 14th May 13:00-14:00
Thursday 29th May 10:00-11:00
Friday 13th June 11:00-12:00
Monday 23rd June 10:00-11:00
Tuesday 8th July 13:00-14:00
Wednesday 23rd July 10-11:00
Thursday 7th August 14:00-15:00
Friday 22nd August 11:00-12:00
Monday 1st September 10:00-11:00
Tuesday 16th September 13:00-14:00
Wednesday 1st October 11:00-12:00
Thursday 16th October 13:00-14:00
Friday 31st October 10:00-11:00
Monday 10th November 11:00-12:00
Tuesday 25th November 13:00-14:00
Wednesday 10th December 10:00-11:00


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