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Welcome to our Public Adviser Co-Leads

Our new Public Adviser (PA) Co-Leads have now joined most of the ARC NWC themes.

An induction took place earlier in the month with them which introduced the ARC and its structure, governance, communications, etc.

Their role will be to support the Theme Lead in ensuring our work programme responds to regional community and provider priorities within a national context and that public involvement and coproduction is embedded across the projects and work of the theme. This is a leadership role that will act as a link between themes and the ARC PPI team and the wider NWC communities.

The PA’s will formally started their role at the beginning February and will be supported in their new roles by the PPI team and themes.

We look forward to this new and exciting opportunity to further embed and lead coproduction and public involvement in the ARC’s. For your information here is the full list of co-lead and deputy positions (CHI positions are still to be appointed so look out for application details to be sent out shortly if you think you might like to be involved in this work).


Improving Population Health
PA co-lead / PA deputy
Saiqa Ahmed / Hina Qureshi

Equitable Place Based Health & Care
PA co-lead / PA deputy
Hilary Garrett / Ginger Liu

Person Centred Complex Care
PA co-lead / PA deputy
Alan Griffiths / Stephanie Tomlinson

PA co-lead / PA deputy
Alan Price / Gerry Allen

Care and Health Informatics
PA co-lead / PA deputy
To be appointed / To be appointed

Health & Care Across the Lifecourse
PA co-lead / PA deputy
Dorcas Akeju / Paul Moran

IMPaCT & Capacity
PA co-lead / PA deputy
Neil Joseph / Irum Durrani

Profiles of the Co-leads are being prepared and will be added to the ARC NWC theme webpages shortly.


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