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Current Activities

Implementation team

Stroke IMPaCT Roundtable
• A forum through which we can learn about efforts to implement improvements in stroke care (across NWC and nationally)
• Meetings are held quarterly and are well attended by experts in stroke care, including clinicians, academics, public advisors, and third sector members
• Discussions on the objectives and perspectives on implementing “integrated” stroke care from both patients and professionals

Integrated Stroke Delivery Network (ISDN)
• Collaborating with Lancashire and South Cumbria ISDN to shape future QI activities by undertaking a systematic review to explore the barriers and facilitators of using a quality improvement collaborative to drive improvement in stroke care across multiple organisations

Community engagement and air quality
• Collaborating with the EPHC Theme to complete a scoping review of the approaches used to engage communities in air quality research and actions to add an international perspective to planned work

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
• Collaborating with colleagues from Royal Liverpool NHS Trust in developing an intervention to prevent CRPS
• To develop a programme of research and work packages to understand barriers and facilitators to implementation

Oral Care in Care Homes
• Identifying the barriers & facilitators to implementing the Mouth Care Matters programme in Cheshire & Merseyside
• A systematic review on the effectiveness of implementation strategies in oral care for older people in care home settings
• A future evaluation of the programme in care homes across Cheshire & Merseyside to explore what could have been done differently as a response to Covid-19

Our next steps
• Our IMPaCT Roundtable around stroke continues to be attended by a variety of members with a focus on identifying best practice examples and gaps in implementation for stroke care
• Completion of the reviews and dissemination of the findings from stroke quality improvement, community engagement and air quality, and oral care for care homes
• Working with Innovation Agency in developing their Evidence and Evaluation Framework
• Develop the Roundtable model and Connected Research Communities to apply to further programmatic areas


ARC NWC PhD Studentships 2021

Currently recruiting to a further 13 Studentships
• Including Edge Hill and Liverpool John Moores
• 86 applications received across the 5 universities
• 33 interviews to take place from 2-11th December
• Studies to commence Feb 2021

Our next steps
• Mapping of postgraduate research training opportunities available across the ARC universities
• In conjunction with the Innovation Agency, develop a shared online resource of capacity building opportunities available across the NW Coast
• Innovation Agency, ARC, CRN NWC, RDS NW, R&D NW
• Others – please send suggestions to us