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Capacity Building

How do we support capacity building

Our aims:
• To develop a culture of capacity building for applied health research and implementation
• To engage with member organisations (AHSNs, NHS, Local Authorities, and other organisations)
• To ensure engagement of the public, and service users in our capacity building activities/programme
• To develop people individually
• To develop models of collaborative working with member organisations
• To evaluate the process, outcomes, and impacts of capacity building activities

Internship opportunities

Internship opportunities must:
• Involve co-production with patients, public, carers, and service users
• Identify and address health inequalities

Training offered as part of the internship is dependent on the internship stream but can include:
• Enrolment on taught modules
• Bespoke taught sessions
• Dedicated supervisor(s)
• Identification of mentor(s)
• Dissemination and networking opportunities

To learn more about our current interns, click here.

PhD studentship opportunities

Full-time (three years) PhD studentship opportunities include tuition fees, stipend, and a research consumable budget.

PhD topics must be:
• Aligned to an ARC Theme, have Theme Lead approval
• Consult the Health Inequalities Assessment Toolkit (HIAT)
• Support and enable patient and public involvement

To learn more about our current PhD students, click here.

Please get in touch with us at for enquiries.


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