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Research Development Networks

The Research Development Networks (RDNs) bring together academics, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Voluntary Sector, 3rd sector organisations and the Public. They are the mechanism for driving prioritised co-produced proactive programmes for research themes in ARC. Membership of RDNs extends beyond the ARC and is open to other organisations.


• Generate knowledge of the work carried out in the region
• Create a hub of intelligence to share information on funding calls, priority areas
• Help prioritise research
• Take advantage of a variety of skill sets to apply for larger research grants
• Help broaden networks
• Identify at least one grant target and submit a competitive, relevant, co-produced application within 6-12 months

What RDNs are run by the ARC?

• Social Prescribing
• Social and Community Mental Health and Well-Being
• North West Seaside Towns and Communities
• Digital Healthcare

Why Be Involved?

• Help prioritise research
• Be a part of a larger collaboration applying for larger grants

How can I get involved?

There is no criteria to get involved in these RDNs. We presently have individuals from academia, NHS Trusts, Local authority, voluntary organisations and the public.

Your organisation doesn’t have to be a formal ARC member to join If you would like to be a part of these meetings, please email


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