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Overarching Vision

Building on CLAHRC NWC’s legacy, ARC NWC focuses on addressing the considerable health inequalities across our region.

This requires inter-disciplinarity with wide engagement of residents working alongside the professionals planning and providing health and social care, and academics. Therefore, we have further expanded our consortium of Universities, Health and Social Care providers, Public/Community Advisers, Charities, and Commissioners, enhancing responsiveness to diverse needs, to achieve step-changes in delivering evidence-based improvements in health and social care that address regional and national priorities and effectively reduce health inequalities.

Initially, we shall always systematically interrogate existing evidence, identifying areas of uncertainty or conflict, before undertaking new applied research or proactively implementing relevant research. ARC NWC’s infrastructure embeds co-production with Partners and full public participation within communities of learning and practice, supported by our academic resources. ARC NWC will deliver high-quality applied research and implementation projects, strategically aligned through our Research Development, Delivery and Implementation Pipelines, encompassing robust systems for co-conception/production/delivery and Partner prioritisation, mainstreaming health inequalities.

This ensures our programmes are attuned to Partners’ priorities and the needs of the varied communities they serve, adapting to the challenges posed by structural change within the 10-year plan including Integrated Care Systems, Universal Personalised Care, the new GP contract and associated reorganisation.

To ensure sustainable excellent innovation, we will concentrate on supporting small to medium-sized self- contained studies, cross-ARC programmes and pump-priming competitive collaborative applications for external funding.

Our research themes have been co-produced with Partner and Public/Community Adviser involvement, and are supported by clear simple structures co-designed to facilitate involvement. Our themes address key challenges for health and care: personalised care complexity, population health, and place-based health systems. Cross-cutting themes have been chosen to apply academic excellence to support programme-wide activity. Our Implementation and Capacity-building team will ensure research findings inform changes to practice and policy to maximise health and care outcomes. Supported by the Innovation Agency, we will work with industry to drive regional economic growth.

If you have any queries regarding our work please email us at


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