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The ARC NWC will build on the mature and embedded democratic structures developed within CLAHRC NWC. Steering Board, Management Group, Partners Forum and Public Adviser Forum will all remain as the spine of the governance structure. Public Advisers will continue to be equal partners in all our governance, research, implementation and capacity building activities, but with a key project development, prioritisation and oversight function in regular theme management groups.

The ARC NWC governance structure is incorporated into the diagram below.

Minutes from the Steering Board of ARC NWC will also be added to this page once approved (see below).

ARC NWC Steering Board

July 2022 Steering Board Meeting Minutes

December 2021 Steering board minutes

July 2021: Steering Board Meeting Minutes.

December 2020: Steering board meeting minutes.

November 2019: Steering Board Meeting Minutes

Other documents

ARC NWC approach to Stakeholder Engagement


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