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Saiqa Ahmed

PA Co-Lead, Improving Population Health

Saiqa is IPH Public Adviser Co-Lead and a mother of 3 children. Originally educated in Pakistan having gained an MSc in History. She has 7 years experience contributing as a public adviser in health care research. This has included being a member of the governance group, a Big Data Ambassador, a member of the PPI strategy sub group and a public contributor for the HDR UK Better Care North Partnership. She has been part of the team that was interviewed for the ARC NWC bid application with Mark Gabbay where she has been asked questions about her role as a public adviser. She contributes in a voluntary capacity to Liverpool CCG’s Public and patient engagement group and is a member of their People and Community voice Committee. Through ARC NWC she has been involved in supporting research on the attendance of south Asian women for Breast Cancer Screening including Co-authorship of a research publication. She has a genuine interest in the work of Improving Population Health and has relevant life experience. She is interested in health wellbeing and would like to make a beneficial difference to the health of the individual, community and population. She has had mentoring training which will enable her to support other public advisers involved in IPH theme.

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