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Improving Population Health

Person-Centred Complex Care

Pharmacogenomic associations of adverse drug reactions in asthma: systematic review and research prioritisation

Topiramate add‐on therapy for drug‐resistant focal epilepsy

Clobazam add‐on therapy for drug‐resistant epilepsy

Oxcarbazepine add-on for drug-resistant focal epilepsy

Treatments for the prevention of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

Lamotrigine add‐on therapy for drug‐resistant focal epilepsy. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2020

Antiepileptic drugs as prophylaxis for postcraniotomy seizures. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2020

Modelling seizure rates rather than time to an event within clinical trials of antiepileptic drugs

Has the introduction of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) in England increased emergency admissions for bleeding conditions? A longitudinal ecological study.

Lamotrigine add-on therapy for drug-resistant generalised tonic-clonic seizures

Equitable Place-based Health and Care

Mainstreaming public involvement in a complex research collaboration: a theory informed evaluation

Summary of Findings: Air Pollution (February 2020)

Summary of Findings: Social Isolation (February 2020)

Summary of Findings: Social Prescribing (February 2020)

Methodological Innovation Development Adaptation and Support (MIDAS)

Care and Health Informatics

Pending publications

Health and Care across the Life Course

Ethnic disparities in the uptake of anti-dementia medication in young and late-onset dementia

Supporting access to activities to enhance wellbeing and reduce social isolation in people living with motor neurone disease

Evaluating a young-onset dementia service from two sides of the coin: Staff and service user perspectives

Distinguishing Frontotemporal Dementia From Alzheimer Disease Through Everyday Function Profiles: Trajectories of Change

Predictors of emergency department and GP use among patients with mental health conditions: a public health survey

Social prescribing for people with mental health needs living in disadvantaged communities: the Life Rooms model

“I just keep thinking that I don’t want to rely on people.” a qualitative study of how people living with dementia achieve and maintain independence at home: stakeholder perspectives

Reducing hospital admissions in older care home residents: a 4-year evaluation of the care home innovation Programme (CHIP)

The Barts Explanatory Model Inventory for Dementia: An item reduction approach based on responses from South Asian communities

Do people living in disadvantaged circumstances receive different mental health treatments than those from less disadvantaged backgrounds?

“Current dementia care: what are the difficulties and how can we advance care globally?”

Does Social Support Affect Older Adults’ General Practitioner Attendance Rates? Findings from the North West Coast Household Health Survey