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Second Virtual ARCFEST held on 3rd December 2020
Video recordings from our second virtual ARCFEST are now available in a playlist on our YouTube Channel

Resources from the EPHC theme are also available here:

Watch the EPHC Theme introduction presentation

Download the EPHC current work and new ideas presentation

Virtual ARCFEST held on 15th September 2020

An outline from theme meetings can be found here. Materials provided by themes for the ARCFEST are below:

Implementation updates from the ARCFEST

MIDAS ARCFest Sept 2020 Implementation update

IMPlementation And Capacitybuilding Team (IMPaCT) Implementation update

Health and Care Across the Life Course

Community Health Worker scheme in Halton and Warrington

What Does it Mean to Age Well with Bipolar Disorder?

Facilitators and barriers to engaging with community support services in dementia: A mixed-methods approach of addressing health inequalities.

Addressing inequalities in childhood febrile illness​ associated with paediatric emergency department attendance in Liverpool.

How the revised UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative ​Standards influence the experiences of women/parents and infants who are socio-economically disadvantaged.​


Improving Population Health

Theme Meeting Agenda

Introductory theme slides

PLDR Summary

Evaluating the impact of air quality management policies on hospital admissions for respiratory conditions: A longitudinal controlled study

PLDR data resource: Small Area Vulnerability Index & Small Area Mental Health Index

Evaluating Interventions with RICE

Person-Centred Complex Care

Summary of Theme Table work from ARCFEST 2020

Remote consultations in primary care during COVID-19: views and experiences of healthcare professionals and patients

VIDEO update from Tony Marson, Theme Lead, Person-Centred Complex Care (PCCC)

Care and Health Informatics

CHI Project Summaries

Public Patient Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) in the Civic Data Co-operative (CDC)

VIDEO update from Sarah Rodgers, Theme Lead, Care and Health Informatics

Capacity Building

Update Summary

IMPaCT / Implementation Team

Update from the ARC NWC Implementation team

Health and Care Across the Life Course (HaCAL)

Presentation slides from Mark Gabbay, Theme Lead

Clarissa Giebel – slide of Covid-19 Dementia & Ageing Study

Thais Caprioli – Facilitators and barriers to engaging with community support services in dementia: A mixed-methods approach of addressing health inequalities

Minutes from February 2020 ARCFEST HaCAL theme meeting

Equitable Place Based Health and Care

Update from EPHC theme

ARC Diary Project summary

Air Quality – work to date

EPHC Findings from COVID-19 Diary Project:

What’s in a method? Using diary methods to research public experiences

Same storm, different boats? Experience of lockdown rules during COVID-19 – findings from a diary project

Use of remote technology in research – Findings from the EPHC Diary Project

Mental health and COVID-19 – findings from a diary project

1.EPHC theme meeting presentation introduction 15 Sept

2.Air Quality EPHC theme meeting

3.EPHC VCFSE presentation

4.Social Prescribing presentation

EPHC Diary method presentation

Minutes from Theme Meeting February 2020 (ARCFEST)


Presentation slides from Andy Clegg, MIDAS Theme Lead

Improving Population Health

Slides from theme Lead, Ben Barr

Improving Population Health Theme Minutes from ARCFEST February 2020


MIDAS ARCFest Sept 2020

Public Involvement

Public and Community Involvement, Engagement and Participation – Selina Wallis

The Pursuit of Health Equity – It’s just how we do things around here

Public Adviser experiences of health inequalities

Covid-19 Research

Covid-Liv Household Survey: The Psychosocial and Community Impact of Covid 19 – Rhiannon Corcoran

Other documents

Public Advisers’ Forum Minutes February 2020

Members’ Forum Minutes February 2020

ARC NWC Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Other Themes / ARC NWC staff will provide verbal updates during the Webinar.

ARCFEST 2 – Sefton Park Liverpool, 27th February 2020

Introduction / Pitch Titles (Professor Mark Gabbay)

Person Centred Complex Theme

Theme Slides

Improving Population Health

Theme Slides

Social Prescribing in Liverpool

Local Economic Strategies and Health and Inequality

Pneumonia Incidence Reduction

Equitable Place Based Health and Care

Theme Slides

Care and Health Informatics


Health and Care across the Life Course

Theme slides

Methodological Innovation Development Adaptation and Support (MIDAS)



ARC NWC Webinar 13th July 2020

RECORDING of Webinar below (added 15th July 2020)