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Study Recruitment


Remote Consultations in Primary Care during Covid-19: views and experiences of healthcare professionals and patients​

The Person-Centred Complex Care (PCCC) theme of the National Institute for Health and Social Care Research Applied Research Collaborative North West Coast (NIHR ARC NWC) has brought together stakeholders from across the region to provide a unique opportunity in exploring key questions on the emerging role of remote consultations in primary care in light of COVID-19.

What is this study about?​

This study aims to examine the changing experiences and attitudes to both healthcare professionals and patients to remote consultations. Remote consultations, although provided in many practices previously, are now essential in order to keep physical distance wherever possible to reduce the spread of the virus. COVID-19 has changed the way primary healthcare staff in general practices provide care. We are in a unique situation of now having to provide remote consultations in all primary care practices, implementing changes to their approach to delivering care at extreme speed. We, therefore, want to determine whether COVID-19 has created a catalyst for change in primary care in relation to remote consultations and assess if this will be embedded in future clinical practice and patient expectations.​

Why are we addressing this problem?​

Currently we know that GPs, nurses and pharmacists conduct remote consultations, but we do not know which patients will access video consultations, telephone consultations or e-consultations, what their experiences of using them are, or if it will change the way they access primary healthcare services compared with previous. ​

We also do not know how this first line approach to accessing primary care will affect patient and professional satisfaction with giving and receiving the service and whether there will be notable opportunities or challenges to considered in long-term plans for future provision of remote consultations in primary care.

Who is being asked to participate?

We want to gather information from relevant healthcare professionals and patients on their views and experiences of providing or engaging with remote consultations in general practice. This will generate insight into how acceptable and manageable remote consultation are, and how they might be sustainable into the future.

How can you help us?

Your views and experiences of remote consultations in primary care are valuable to us. You can help us by filling out a survey questionnaire outlining your experience and views related to the changes in access to consultation in your general practice before and during Covid-19. This will take about 20 minutes, followed by a shorter survey in three- and six-months’ time. You will also be invited to participate in an optional and more detailed telephone interview, should you wish to join.

A brief video summary of the study is available to view before participating.

Contact Dr Jennifer Downing if you have any questions about the survey or the information provided.

Please select either option below to start participation in the survey.

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