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Health Economics

Health Economics Sub Group key information

The NIHR Applied Research Collaboration North West Coast (ARC NWC) have established a series of sub-groups to provide the opportunity for people with an interest in the use and development of specific research methods to establish a collaborative network. This will allow people to meet to discuss, learn, develop, understand, and apply health economics in research to improve the health and wellbeing, and reduce the health inequalities, of the population in the North West Coast.

Sub-group Lead
Professor Bruce Hollingsworth (Lancaster University)
Sub-group Deputy Leads
Dr Angela Boland (University of Liverpool)
Dr Valerio Benedetto (University of Central Lancashire and MIDAS theme, ARC NWC)

Our meetings:
6th July 2021 – Talks on Economic and health inequalities
• Dr Sophie Wickham: Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, University of Liverpool
• Dr Luke Munford: Lecturer in Health Economics, University of Manchester
• Dr Brendan Collins: Head of Health Economics, Welsh Government
Access here.

30th November 2021 – Talk on Discrete Choice Experiments: An introduction
• Dr Luís Filipe: Senior Research Associate in Health Economics, Lancaster University and Member of MIDAS theme, ARC NWC
Access here.

Simplifying Health Economics: a new MIDAS series

The MIDAS Theme has launched a new series of vlogs, podcasts and blogs on economics and health economics. This series promises to simplify health economics, whether you are a complete novice or are relatively new to this field. It delves into how economics works, why health economics is important, and how to think with a health economic lens.
Click here to read more about the plan of this series.

Regressions & Predictions

In this vlog Dr Luís Filipe and Dr Valerio Benedetto (MIDAS Theme) explain how we can use regressions to make predictions (…and how watching our vlogs may improve your publication profile).

Causality vs. Correlation

In this vlog Dr Luís Filipe and Dr Valerio Benedetto go through a series of examples where a simple correlation between things may be confused with a cause-effect relationship…the key lesson here is that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions too fast!

For more info on this topic, check out the following blog:

Thinking at the Margin

Thinking at the Margin – Part 1 [ARC NWC MIDAS Health Economics series]

In this vlog Dr Valerio Benedetto and Dr Luís Filipe (MIDAS Theme) talk about ‘Thinking at the Margin’, a concept which permeates all economic thinking…and everyday life too.

In Part 1 Valerio presents an example of how healthcare interventions can be assessed using a ‘marginal’ lens, and how results may differ from adopting an ‘average’ approach instead.

Thinking at the Margin – Part 2 [ARC NWC MIDAS Health Economics series]

In Part 2 of the ‘Thinking at the Margin’ vlog, Dr Luís Filipe (MIDAS Theme) shows an example of how thinking at the margin matters in terms of sequential investments in healthcare.


The quality-adjusted life-year or QALY is the main outcome measure used in economic evaluations of healthcare interventions. In this short vlog, Dr Luís Filipe and Dr Valerio Benedetto explain what QALYs are, how they are estimated and how they are used in economic evaluations.

You can watch this vlog here.

Useful information.
• The speakers are from the ARC NWC Methodological Innovation, Development, Adaptation and Support (MIDAS) Theme.
• For a glossary of terms used in healthcare research, see here: