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Methodological Innovation, Development, Adaptation & Support Theme (MIDAS) Overview

Welcome to Methodological Innovation, Development, Adaptation & Support Theme (MIDAS)

• MIDAS provides methodological support for, and produces, applied research in health, wellbeing and social care

• We are involved in research on the benefits, harms and costs of providing, and of factors affecting people using, health and social care

• We work closely with clinicians, service provides, patients and public advisors and academics, providing guidance on developing and delivering research programmes

• We provide training courses and educational guides on research methodology

• We undertake research to develop new, or adapt existing, research methods

Our work is underpinned by Health Equity, Capacity Development, Patient and Public Involvement and Co-Production.

Contact for enquiries:


MIDAS is undertaking exhaustive Covid-19 related systematic reviews:

Doherty, A., Benedetto, V., Harris, C. et al. The effectiveness of psychological support interventions for those exposed to mass infectious disease outbreaks: a systematic review. BMC Psychiatry 21, 592 (2021).

Hill, J. E., Harris, C., Christian D.L., Boland, P., Doherty, A. J., Benedetto, V., Gita, B. E. & Clegg, A.J. The prevalence of mental health conditions in healthcare workers during and after a pandemic: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2022. 00, 1– 23.


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