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How do we apply implementation science in our work

Implementation Science aims to: describe and guide the process of implementation; understand and explain influences on embedding the intervention; and guide the evaluation process.

We can help your organisation embed, use, and apply Implementation Science in your research.

Examples of how we put this into practice

Evidence synthesis
• Search existing literature to identify factors influencing implementation, map factors according to an implementation framework, and present it in a helpful and informative way

Intervention works in one setting – roll it out in other ones
• Refine an intervention plan for general use and understand the different settings’ readiness to change and barriers to the current process

Intervention has proven to be feasible but there are challenges to it being embedded
• Evaluate the implementation process, identify the fidelity of the process and barriers and facilitators to understand what the implementation plan should be

How do we support implementation

The Implementation team can offer support to help our themes and member organisations embed implementation approaches into their research plans by thinking about any potential challenges, structures, resources and mechanisms through which delivery of an intervention can be achieved.

What the Implementation team does

To contribute to achieving the aims of the NIHR ARC NWC, the specific short-term objectives for the Implementation team are:
• Establishing relationships with ARC NWC themes and member organisations to work collaboratively in embedding implementation questions into research plans and supporting data collection/analysis to answer these
• Providing evaluation support to member-led implementation/quality improvement projects to capture generalisable lessons about health system change
• Coordinating and facilitating “IMPaCT Roundtables” with key agencies to collaboratively map evidence-based practice/gaps in implementation and identify innovative solutions required to progress activity through “pipelines”
• Engaging with implementation science and quality improvement expertise regionally and nationally to strengthen ARC NWC capacity


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